Welcome to the Herlac Coswig GmbH

About us

Herlac Coswig GmbH is a highly productive coating company with a long tradition of almost 200 years.

The main focus of the production is laid on modern wood coatings and wood stain.

Besides that industrial coatings and components for industrial coatings are produced.

Herlac offers not only standard products but also customized products, know-how and service for the industrial processing.

In the product development Herlac pays
special attention to environmentally friendly
solutions as for example water based
coating systems or UV-coatings.

During the conversion to these innovative
coating systems we are going to support
our customers with our knowledge.

The support of our customers is carried out from the site in Coswig and through service offices in Moscow or Kiev for example.

Together with the Mipa Group, we have the knowledge and the force of 6 production sites
in Europe.